Hey, I’m Sharryn Ludlow

I’m a mum, a wife and a purpose driven person in Melbourne Australia who has completely transitioned my life and business to be more in alignment with my God-given mission and skills. To be honest, I’m also petite (aka short) and rate coffee consumption as one of my top talents.

I had a ‘whoa’ moment in 2003 when my life felt in complete disarray.  It was completely obvious to me that if I didn’t take control of my future I could lose it all.
And yet my kids were small, I didn’t have the freedom I used to have to go and make things happen, nor the income to help my family and support ministry work close to my heart. I knew there had to be a way forward.
So I decided to start an online commerce store where I would have the ability to serve people anywhere and create income while being at home.
I immersed myself in studying everything I could about business online, worked on my own personal development and dove deep into bible truths to empower my faith. I was happy again, stepping into my purpose and making a difference in the world.
One business became two businesses and the sales grew, the knowledge expanded and my confidence developed. But I still felt like there was more.
That God-designed purpose kept pulling at my heart and I knew I had to make changes. I knew that God wanted me to help others connect with his plans and purposes, to use their gifts and talents to thrive and make a difference in the world.

As part of my training I was certified as a coach speaker and trainer with the John Maxwell team. I wanted some resources and tools to be able to help other purpose driven entrepreneurs and leaders, those people who are intent on doing something bigger than themselves.

I began saying yes to coaching and mentoring and I quickly realized that my passion was for helping purpose driven people focus, get strategic and develop momentum to achieve goals and what they are called to do, to create a rich life that is leaving a legacy.

With my work in international ministry for over 25 years and helping business owners to use the online space to grow their business, generate more income and make more while working less, I’ve had the privilege of being part of thousands of lives and living in my purpose.
I get to do the things I love, even if no one paid me – inspire faith and encourage business owners.
I live in Melbourne, Australia with my husband Rod and my 3 adult children, Caleb, Joel and Rebekah and my ‘thinks-she’s-a-human’ German Shepherd Mindi.
You can catch me on Facebook, or at GraceAndConfidence.com.

What I do..

Business Coaching and Consulting

My family have been in business for generations. I grew up pretending to have a shop (and a detective agency!). I even sold pinecones to the local neighbourhood and Mary Kay Cosmetics. Then I married a guy that also went into business.  For over 25 years I’ve been involved in marketing, events, PR, product creation, publishing and then e-commerce. For over 15 years I’ve been building businesses online, being taught and mentored by some of the leading world entrepreneurs and trainers.  I’ve had two e-commerce businesses that also held events locally until in 2014 I moved into coaching and consulting, helping other small business owners with the confidence and strategies for income, marketing and performance.

Personal Development and Leadership Coaching

As a certified John Maxwell Leadership Coach, Trainer and Speaker I have a unique blend of Maxwell training courses and my own personal experience of leading teams and staff in a variety of environments. An individual is often hampered from experiencing the results they really desire because there is personal growth required to go to the next level. I help people with the resources and coaching to get focused and strategic, developing momentum to achieve their goals and create impact.

Faith and Accountability Partner

With over 25 years in dynamic international ministry I have a breadth of experience in real-life Christian living that few know. I’ve witnessed many things that only really get seen in the bible and spent many years searching the scriptures and developing my understanding of the powerful life available to believers. I help Christians that want that faith support and accountability to move into alignment with their purpose – with whatever it is they are going after. Whether they’re in business already or they are leaders in their community and looking to up-level, I work with those hungry to partner with God and make an impact in the world.


I volunteered as an ‘official’ for the Pacific School Games in Melbourne 1984.

I got my hair braided African style in Rwanda, it looked great for a total of 48 hours then I looked like a frizz ball. I did it 3 times more, each time same result!

I can still sing most of the words to the songs from the Sound of Music!

Monty Python quotes were (and still are sometimes) the way I would test if people have a sense of humour.

If you give me brussel sprouts I might hurt you….#headsup

The first time I went overseas I was 18 I’ve since been to over 25 nations, many multiple times and taken my kids too.

I do not like to cook, it is merely for survival it gets done at all.

My dog loves me the best (don’t tell the kids that).

I read all the time, in fact, my goal in life is build my own library.

I once went swimming in crocodile waters.

My kids say I watch too many murder mysteries but I maintain it’s because I’m really a detective at heart.

I won the humorous award at Toast Masters twice by telling real life stories (mostly about my terrible parenting of young children).