Coach. Consultant. Mentor. Facilitator.

Sharryn Ludlow is a certified coach, speaker and trainer. Transitioning individuals from where they are today to where they want to. She equips individuals, entrepreneurs and visionaries to achieve clarity, confidence and the ability to make better decisions. Sharryn is passionate about achieving great results – results that enhance personal growth and up-level sustainable performance. She is well-known for her ability to communicate with enthusiasm, passion and humour. Her coaching skills and wealth of knowledge in the areas of personal performance and leadership have grown from years in small business, church and non-profit sector. She attributes her success with clients to three factors, all equally important:

1. Leadership Experience: Sharryn has ‘walked the talk’. She is a successful business owner, has traveled globally and had leadership positions in nonprofit, church and business sectors. She relates easily to people, asks powerful questions and helps them find real solutions.

2. Academic Background: Sharryn is a constant learner. In spite of having no formal university degree, she has done numerous development courses in finance, event management, marketing, business and productivity. She continues expanding her knowledge base in areas of personal growth, leadership development and business growth.

3. Commitment To Excellence: While no credentials makes a great coach, Sharryn is committed to client success and has the skills to deliver real solutions. She is a certified John Maxwell Team Member as an independent Coach, Speaker and Trainer.

What I do..

Business Coaching and Consulting

My family have been in business for generations. I grew up pretending to have a shop (and a detective agency!). I even sold pinecones to the local neighbourhood and Mary Kay Cosmetics. Then I married a guy that also went into business.  For over 25 years I’ve been involved in marketing, events, PR, product creation, publishing and then e-commerce. For over 15 years I’ve been building businesses online, being taught and mentored by some of the leading world entrepreneurs and trainers.  I’ve had two e-commerce businesses that also held events locally until in 2014 I moved into coaching and consulting, helping other small business owners with the confidence and strategies for income, marketing and performance.

Personal Development and Leadership Coaching

As a certified John Maxwell Leadership Coach, Trainer and Speaker I have a unique blend of Maxwell training courses and my own personal experience of leading teams and staff in a variety of environments. An individual is often hampered from experiencing the results they really desire because there is personal growth required to go to the next level. I help people with the resources and coaching to get focused and strategic, developing momentum to achieve their goals and create impact.

Faith and Accountability Partner

With over 25 years in dynamic international ministry I have a breadth of experience in real-life Christian living that few know. I’ve witnessed many things that only really get seen in the bible and spent many years searching the scriptures and developing my understanding of the powerful life available to believers. I help Christians that want that faith support and accountability to move into alignment with their purpose – with whatever it is they are going after. Whether they’re in business already or they are leaders in their community and looking to up-level, I work with those hungry to partner with God and make an impact in the world.

For over 25 years I’ve been pursing my life of purpose. From raising a family, to building businesses and travelling to the nations for the gospel. It’s required skills, internal personal development and persistence but most of all it’s required faith.  The Change Makers email club is designed to help you blend all of what you do and want to be so that you can thrive. I’d love for you to be part of the conversation, Sign up to be part of this growing impact community.