From Poverty to Prosperity Your Life Can Change

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life can change


Let me share with you an incredible story about Mark.  It is about how one conversation led him to experience how life can change from poverty to prosperity.

Now, to be honest, his name is not Mark but he may write his book one day so I don’t want to ruin it for him!

This story is one of many, of why I do what I do and believe what has transformed lives.


Mark was below living below poverty. In a little broken down hut, with a mattress on a dirt floor. He was hardly earning enough money for a bag of rice and bread for his family.

His wife “Michelle” was right beside him in the struggle. She had lost two babies to miscarriage. Sadly they had been unable to conceive and carry another child. She had no employment and was desperate on a daily basis.

One day Mark was at the airport trying to earn some money as a taxi driver. It wasn’t going very well for him.  But he was persistent. He had to be.

An international traveller got into the car with him and requested transport to a hotel.

In the 30 minute drive from the airport to the hotel, Mark’s life changed forever. (I’ll tell you how in a minute).


After this conversation and moment in time Mark became an entrepreneur and a leader.

Within two years he had created a transport company employing other drivers. He was the frequent trusted driver of Government leaders and officials. And was helping others to change their lives too.

Michelle too transformed. She became pregnant, twice, and carried her children to full term. Healthy and strong. She thrived in their new life together.

Both of their lives were bigger than they ever dreamed possible. This is a real story, I’ve only changed their names.

So let me tell you what happened in that car that changed Mark’s life so completely.


The passenger in his car introduced him to Jesus Christ.  Mark heard for the first time about the Kingdom of God and what was available to people who believed.

Now, unlike so many, Mark did not choose to struggle and doubt with his new faith. He did not know how to not believe.  His soul was so desperate for change that when he heard that message of grace he grasped it with all his heart.

He stepped into a HUGE life of prosperity and influence. But even greater than that, he knows how to believe God for powerful things and impact the lives of many.


I share this story because there is so much possibility for your life through faith, I want to cause you to believe bigger than you ever did before.

'The Secret of Success for Fulfilling the Call of God'

It does not matter if you have believed or not, if you start from poverty or from prosperity or if you have influence or are ignored.

From this moment, you can choose to partner with God and allow ALL things to become possible – life can change!

You can choose to dream with God about everything your life can achieve.

This is real christianity. When the rubber hits the road.  Where God shows up in real time and unlocks your potential and purpose.

It is my privilege to be a catalyst of change. To connect you with others that can help you and to inspire you so you know HIM who is able to give you more than you could ever ask or think.

Are you ready for a new thing? Find me on Facebook and let’s connect – I want to encourage you to believe!

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