How Grace and Confidence are Keys to Your Best Life

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How Grace and Confidence are Keys to Your Best Life


Your best life! What does it look like for you?

When Melanie started out with a decision to start a business, she had no idea it would become the million dollar success it is today.

As Andrew determined he wanted more than his corporate success, he started working with a coach to figure out what to do next. Now he impacts other nations with his work.

Christine started helping people, teaching them the bible. She had no idea that would end up creating a powerful movement with global impact.


These stories and more make me a crazy optimist about the possibilities of my life and yours. It’s been my privilege to witness people’s lives turned around. From poverty to prosperity. Heartbreaking childlessness to having a full family. Seeing the hopeless become hopeful. It’s so exciting to dream of ideas.

You have to be willing to step up to your moment and deliberately choose to focus on hope. Believing that your life has a purpose for something special! And that the choices you make today influence the potential of your life tomorrow and into your future.

Grace and confidence are going to be two keys to carry you through your best life.

'The Secret of Success for Fulfilling the Call of God'

Let me explain what I mean by that using practical terms and spiritual principles so you can think about it from your perspective.


Grace is explained in a couple of different ways in the dictionary. The primary way we use it in modern day language is to mean:

elegance or beauty of form or motion or action

Examples of this might include an elegant person (like Audrey Hepburn) or a ballet dancer. We’d call them graceful.

However the other meaning of grace is:

Favour, good will, mercy, clemency or pardon.

It’s something that is not deserved but given. The bible talks about the grace that is extended to all of us from God, not because of who we are or what we do. But because He loves us regardless of those things that aren’t right and wants to make a way for those who have received Him to succeed.

This means that not only can you receive grace but you can also give grace. You too can have ‘good will’ or ‘mercy’ towards others, even when they seemingly do not deserve it. It makes way for your blessing and helps you to connect and build relationships that matter.


The dictionary tells us that confidence is a feeling. It’s an assurance that we have in our ability or our skill or our knowledge. It can also be a feeling of assurance in an external thing, like the banking sector or our business.

But confidence is not just a feeling or a state of believing in yourself.

The bible uses confidence in a stronger way. 1 John says ‘this is the confidence that we have in approaching God if we ask anything according to his will he hears us’.

This kind of confidence, defined in the Greek meaning of the word, is:

an outspoken assurance, it’s of frankness and a boldness.

It’s about owning your position, being sure of how you are received. You know who you are and whose you are. That confidence is not easily shaken.


This is how I love to help people. Inspire them to be carriers of grace – giving and receiving love and acceptance and mercy. And confidence – having assurance with boldness and strength.

It is time for you to live your FULLEST and best life. Doing it God’s way and to do it well. To walk in faith and in the kingdom of God, through your abilities, strengths, vision and determination that God has given uniquely to you.

Divine calling and purpose that leads to true success in life comes from submitting your lives to Jesus Christ and then daring to believe that He is with you – and then ALL things become possible.

While others may create their own success, and focus on their own needs and wants – you know that God wants you to succeed and give you ‘abundantly more than you can ask or think’ (Ephesians 3). So, we must seek first His Kingdom… then all that other stuff, will sort itself out.

Do you dare to trust God THAT much?

'The Secret of Success for Fulfilling the Call of God'

Do not limit your imagination.

What is in your heart that you keep pushing down? The thing that you are silencing because it feels too big for you?

That, my friend, is the dream and the grace given to you by God. Have confidence in Him to walk with you in the possibilities for your life.

But remember – it’s not just about you and your life. You are enabled to bless others. To be a river not a reservoir. To be a conduit for the goodness of God to the nations of the world.

As a carrier of grace, with confidence, you can impact the lives of so many people and leave a legacy for the Kingdom of God that really counts.

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