My online business has been made easier with these tools and hacks. They have helped me grow my business and life.  You can click on the images below to get your own and start growing your own business and expanding your life too!

Online Business Tools


Whether you’re buying your domain name for your business or looking for cheap hosting for your new wordpress website, I always recommend Namecheap. I’ve been using namecheap to buy domains now for almost 10 years. It’s easy, reliable and they don’t spam you with all the upsell offers that ‘other’ domain name sellers do. Namecheap also guard your privacy and offer SSL certificates for your sites. Check them out!

Active Campaign

From email marketing to marketing automation, Active Campaign is such a fantastic tool that I recommend it to everyone. Even at the most basic level it is still more powerful than other platforms I’ve used over the years. If you’re serious about business building then you need a great list building software and customer relationship system. Active Campaign has got you covered.

Acuity Scheduling

I use this tool for easy scheduling for consulting sessions.  This is a great way to schedule, take payment and it sync’s with my google calendar.


When you want to record your screen and also record yourself – by video or audio, for your customers or training videos, then ScreenFlow is essential (for Mac users). I use it ALL the time. It has the flexibility to do so much and the recordings are saved and easily uploaded for others to use. If you have an online business this is one tool that it is going to really help you.


Share your knowledge with Kajabi.  You can start by building your course in an easy step by step way or build your whole website, blog and store. Kajabi is very user friendly and simple to use. It’s got you covered from landing pages, email sending and pipe-line’s at the click of a button.

Business Models

Ultimate Success Code

Turn what you love into a business. This free report gives you seven steps to making money in a business model handed to you by a highly successful entrepreneur and author, MaryEllen Tribby. She has been so helpful to me with strategies and guidance, I highly recommend her Inbox Empire program to anyone that wants a proven business model.

John Maxwell Team
Coaching, Speaking &

I received my training from one of the world leading coaching and leadership development companies, the John Maxwell Team. They have expensive training, mentorship and events to help develop your skills to build a business, become a coach, speaker or trainer. If you’d like to speak to me about this and get a referral to look at this for yourself, contact me via my contact page and we’ll set up a time.

Personal & Professional Hacks

Kolbe A Assessment

Personality tests only tell you so much and you can change the results yourself. But the Kolbe A Assessment is different. This measures how you take action. It looks at your instincts, what you do naturally that you cannot change, and equips you with how to maximise your strengths. It is one of the most powerful assessments I’ve found online and I’ve used it with clients for years.

Daily Greatness Journal

“Fill the paper with the breathings of your heart” William Wordsworth.  I love writing. I have so many journals and planners. There is something powerful that happens to your brain when you put pen to paper. The Daily Greatness Company has a journal for a variety of different aspects of life. Business, Health, Training and more. Check it out. With this link you get 5% off your purchase.

FishPond Book Store

Books and Free Postage. What more can you ask for!?! I’m forever buying books and I constantly use Fishpond because it’s regularly the cheapest, most reliable and got exactly what I’m looking for. If you’re around me for very long you’ll hear me say ‘You need to read…X’. This is where to get it.

Stop Dieting, Reset
Your Metabolism

Stop Dieting! Honestly. It’s time to take charge of your own health in a great way. I became a 131 Ambassador because I really love this program. You can change your life in just a few weeks with the hands-on program and a team of Registered Dieticians, experts, tools, and resources. Our one resource we need to really look after is our health and this movement will help you get awesome results!

I have travelled a lot to all parts of the world, and for the last few years I’ve used for all my hotel reservations. The great part is, if you use this link and book then stay, you get $25AU as a reward. Awesome right? Check them out!

Christian Women in Business

Community is so valuable when you’re a solo-entrepreneur. To be around other like-minded business people, with the same heart and an encouraging comment can be a bonus on any given day. One such community is the Christian Women in Business membership. Check them out, there’s so much on offer.